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Learning with Technology Projects - Div I
          K-1           Grade 2         Grade 3

Kindergarten: English Pre-Reading Skills
The_Mitten -Students will create a sequencing activity and a matching activity. They will also create illustrations depicting the beginning, middle and the end of the story.  They will also use their imagination to create an illustration about one of the characters from the story after the activities have taken place.

Grade 1: English/Science
House for a Mouse-Students will construct and describe in written form using kidspiration a "house for a mouse" they built for science.

Grade 1: Science
Robins-Pretend you are a person who studies birds and you have been hired by the World Wildlife Federation to research the Robin and design a Trading Card that will highlight information about that bird.

Grade 2: Science: Topic E: Small Crawling and Flying Animals
Insect Trading Cards- The student will complete an independent project incorporating information and a picture of a particular creature in the format of the trading card.

Grade 2: Social Studies: Topic A: People Nearby
My Community- A child from Bosnia has moved into your community. How would you introduce them to the community? How would you help them to meet their basic needs?

Grade 2: Social Studies:
People in the World - You will create a trading card about a country of your choice. You will then present it to your peers.

Grade 2: Language Arts: Comprehend and respond personally and critically to print and other media texts
A Promise is a Promise-After reading the story “A Promise is a Promise”, you will fill out a story web and correctly sequence the events from the story using Inspirations. Finally, you will create a new ending using the painting and word processing programs.

Grade 2: Language Arts: Comprehend and respond personally and critically to print and other media texts
Penguins - You are an ornithologist  (bird scientist) and your task is to educate other children about penguins by filling out a web of information on a particular penguin. You will be able to record yourself reading some of your writing.

Grade 2: Social Studies: Topic B: People in Canada
People in Canada -You are ambassadors for your province and your task is to promote your province through a slide show that you will present to your classmates. You will be evaluated using the rubric provided.

2e année: Etudes Sociales: Sujet A: Les gens autour de moi
Ma Communauté-Nous avons reçu une lettre de Zobule.  Il aimerait connaître les gens de notre école. Nous allons mener des entrevues et créer un livret de classe avec l’information de cette enquête.

2e année: Français
Les dinosaures - Carte d’échange-Les élèves vont faire une carte descriptive sur un dinosaure. Les élèves vont présenter leur carte à  la classe. Les élèves vont partager leur carte.

2e année: Français
Mon Aquarium- Décrire ton aquarium, ou celui que tu aimerais avoir, en utilisant le programme de kidspiration. Tu dois écrire au moins quatre phrases complètes

Grade 3: Social Studies: Topic A: My Community in the Past, Present and Future
Historic St. Albert- Students will choose 5 historical sites from the list of eleven given choices.   Students will then create a slide show consisting of a title page,  and five pictures of  historical sites. Students are asked to include 2 to 3 sentences relating to that site.  Students who have completed the assignment early can then extend their project to include a picture relating to some component of the future.

Grade 3/4: Science/Language Arts
Endangered Animals- You have been hired by a  “Save the Animals Environmental Group” to report on the status of your endangered animal. You must report information about your specific animal. This is the information that they require:  1. Appearance  2. Food  3. Habitat  4. Enemies  5. Interesting Facts 6.  How can we protect them?

Grade 3: Language Arts/Social Studies/Science
Arctic Animal Trading Cards - Our class has been hired by a ‘trading card’ company to create a series of Arctic animal trading cards. These cards must include  a description and picture of the animal as well as  information about the animal’s food, young and enemies. Each card must also tell how the Inuit use this animal. The most exciting part of your card will be under the heading “Did you know?” Here, you will share the most unique and interesting facts about your animal. You will be orally presenting your cards to the manufacturing company  in hopes that  the above requirements have been met.

Grade 3: Language Arts/Social Studies
Goods and Services Trading Cards - The Town of Legal has land developed for housing. Your job is to try and promote the Town of Legal so that people will want to buy the land and move here. You will produce a 'trading card' presenting a good or service acvailable in town. You need to choose a picture of the good or service along with some facts about it.  Remember, you are trying to convince people to move to Legal!

Grade 3: Mathematics
PizzaDay - Our school is having a school wide Pizza Day!  In order to make this day possible the Grade 3 class has been asked to organize the Pizza Day.  As a class you will have to organize, compile, and collect the money by grade level for the entire school.  Based on this information you have collected the class will have to submit the order to Panago Pizza.  After the Pizza Day the Grade 3 class will analyze and interpret the data which can help to plan future Pizza Days. You will be evaluated using the rubric provided.

Grade 3: Science: Rocks
RocksandMinerals-You have been hired by a trading card company to create a series of cards that will inform students on various rocks and minerals Your cards must include information about the  color, luster, texture, location and, interesting facts about your rock or mineral.

Grade 3: Science: Toxic Noise
Toxic Noise-As an audiologist (an expert in hearing and sound) you have been asked by the Parent Council of Vital Grandin School to prepare a presentation to educate others about what sounds students  may come in contact with in their daily environment.  The council would like you to create soundproofing and sound-amplifying devices that will assist the students in their daily environment.  These items should also be described in your presentation.

Grade 3: Social Studies
St.AlbertBrochure -You have been hired by an advertising agency to create a brochure that will attract people to St.Albert. Your brochure must include information about the location, history, culture, attractions, activities, maps and pictures of St. Albert.

Grade 3: Social Studies
Past_Present_Future -Different individuals are interested in moving to Morinville and they want to know about Morinville's past, present and future. You are hired by the town of Morinville to provide information to them. Convince them to move to your town!
Using Hyperstudio, you will create a multimedia to demonstrate the past, present and future of Morinville. Some documents available in French.

3e année: Études Sociales: Communautés du monde
Carte Postale du Nord - You are exploring a northern Inuit community and want to send your friend a virtual postcard. First, find a photo showing the lifestyle of the people you see around you. Second, write a message explaining the photo.

3e année: Études sociales: Sujet A: Ma communauté dans le passé, le présent et l'avenir
Une année à St-Albert-Les élèves vont créer une ligne du temps en se servant des événements qui se passent pendant l’année à St. Albert.

Grade 3/4: Language Arts
Middle Ages-Students will work with a partner to locate information about selected topics of “Medieval Life” to put into a slideshow presentation that will be presented to the class.