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Grade 3/4: St. Albert Brochure

Instructional Design: Rob Kelly

Stage 1 - Desired Results

Established Goals:
Students will make a pamphlet describing St. Albert’s culture, location, activites and attractions.

ICT Outcomes:
Below is a pdf file identifying all of the ICT outcomes touched on throughout this project. Click on the file to download it to your computer.

Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand that communities change over time and are changing today

Essential Questions:
What is St. Albert?
How do I show what is important about St. Albert to others?

Students will know and be able to:
St. Albert was different in the past.  St. Albert is a vibrant community with many different activities and places.

Students will know:  time and place relationships, purpose and reasons for settling the area, contributions of people in the community.

Students will be able to do the following:  make a simple map, predict future changes in the community, draw conclusions about community changes

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s)
You have been hired by an advertising agency to create a brochure that will attract people to St.Albert. Your brochure must include information about the location, history, culture, attractions, activities, maps and pictures of St. Albert.  

Your project will be marked according to a rubric

Other Evidence (Quizzes, test, etc)

Self Assessment

Stage 3 - Learning Plan

Teaching and Learning Activities
-Explain Performance Task
-Have students brainstorm why St. Albert is good to live in.
-Show students various brochures.
-Show and explain Rubric.
-Students will work with a partner.

Computer Lab
Class 1: Pair up with partner at computers. Review Logon and off. Drag Inspiration document into personal folder. Follow links from Inspiration. Begin gathering information. Save.

Class 2-3: Logon. Continue gathering information. Show how to copy and paste pictures. Save often. Demonstrate how to save graphics into folder.

Class 4: Logon. Complete information gathering. Print out outline form.

Students use information gathered to write out in paragraph form during classtime. Use brochure template to write out text and design brochure. Students think about where to insert pictures.

Class 5: Logon. Drag brochure template to private folder. Begin typing in paragraphs.

Class 6-7-8: Demonstrate how to insert graphics from Appleshare folder to the brochure. Complete brochures and print.

Additional Teacher Resources
These are documents for teachers and/or students that were developed to support the project.  Documents will always be available in pdf format as well as in the original format created (e.g. MS Word, AppleWorks, Inspiration, etc)


Click to download Rubric
Rubric_St. AlbertBrochure.pdf

Student Exemplars

The following exemplars represent an excellent, adequate and limited student samples. Please click on the exemplar to download a copy.

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