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Grade 4 : LA: Choose Your Own Adventure

Instructional Design: Sylvia Jackson & Mike Pollok

Stage 1 - Desired Results

Established Goals:
Specific Outcomes:
2.4 Create an Original Structured Text -
Generate Ideas,
Elaborate on the expression of ideas,

ICT Outcomes:
Below is a pdf file identifying all of the ICT outcomes touched on throughout this project. Click on the file to download it to your computer.

General Outcomes:
•Create,enhance and improve written communication.
•Will learn to create a linked document
•Will organise ideas for story and visuals using organisational software (inspiration)
•Will incorporate images from another source into their document
•Will create a multimedia presentation (Hyperstudio)

Essential Questions:
•Does collaborative writing enhance or hinder the process?
•Is there a relationship between choice and consequence?
•Does planning a story using the computer help the process?

Students will know:
•How to access their personal folder on the AppleShare server
•Use a word processor such as Appleworks
•What the format of a “choose your own adventure” story is.
•Save into a specific folder

Students will be able to:
•Create a text using Appleworks
•Create a linked document using Hyperstudio
•Copy and paste text from one program to another
•Incorporate digital images into their text
•Work collaboratively with other students in the design and production of a story.
•Retrieve files from a common folder.
•Identify and resolve problems that arise during the project (time-management, group dynamics, distribution of work)

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s)
•Students will create a “choose your own adventure” story.  The story will be done using Appleworks for the composition, and Hyperstudio for the production.  They will have to plan the paragraphs and the accompanying images using Inspiration.  They will have to follow set guidelines and dates.
•Will share it with Grade 2 partner.

Other Evidence (Quizzes, test, etc)
•Will have paragraphs evaluated according to rubric
•Appeal of the end product evaluation using rubric
•Self and  group evaluation of contribution and end product

Self Assessment
•Student self-assessment (which will be done at the end of this project)
•Use of rubrics
•Reflect on questions from the Essential Question box

Stage 3 - Learning Plan

Teaching and Learning Activities
CYOA Project
Grade 4- EMP

Preparation to be done  in class:
1. Students will listen to an example  of a CYOA book and dicuss its structure.
Class will brainstorm ideas for othe CYOA stories.

2.  Students will plan paragraphs one and 2 of their stories in their group of 3. They will then separate to plan their individual paragraph (par. 3) on the Inspiration template including:
    Par 1: Introduce setting and characters.
   Par.2: Introduce problem.
   Par. 3: Unfold with one action followed by outcome. More advanced students can add more.

3. Students will compose the beginning in groups of 3  (Appleworks)

4.Students branch off and compose their personal contribution (Appleworks) and print their work.

5. Students hand in paragraphs for correction.

6.  Students will plan, using Inspiration, the appropriate visual support for each page (see Inspiration template)

*Organize a couple of parents  to take each group to take their 3 pictures with digital camera.
Period 1 in lab: Students will explore Hyperstudio
-Show a sample for them to have an idea of what we're looking for.
Show tools and colors
Background, copy background
Text box
Insert picture
Navigate from one card to the other

*Download students photos and format for presentation.

Period 2 in lab:
1.Students create a backgroung and copy for all needed cards.

2. Complete main card with appropriate button(s)

Period 3 in lab: Complete cards 2 (paragrah 1)-3 (paragaraph 2)-4  (paragaraph 3)

Period 4 in lab: Complete card 6 (paragraph 3) and card 7 (photo 1) and card 8 (paragraph 4) and card 9 (photo 2)

Period 5 in lab: Complete card 10 (paragraph 5) and card 11 (photo 3)

Additional Teacher Resources
These are documents for teachers and/or students that were developed to support the project.  Documents will always be available in pdf format as well as in the original format created (e.g. MS Word, AppleWorks, Inspiration, etc)


Click to download Rubric RubricCYOA.jpg


Student Exemplars

The following exemplars represent an excellent and limited student samples. Please click on the exemplar to download a copy.  NB - You will need Hyperstudio installed on your computer to view.

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