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Grade 4: Social Studies: Alberta Geography

Instructional Design: Mr. Mark Kirvan

Stage 1 - Desired Results

Established Goals:
Students will become familiar with how natural resources are used in Alberta and the resulting impact  people  have on the environment. They will have an increased sensitivity to the importance of using natural resources wisely.

ICT Outcomes:
Below is a pdf file identifying all of the ICT outcomes touched on throughout this project. Click on the file to download it to your computer.

Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand that the availability and use of natural resources affects people and their environment.

Essential Questions:
How do Albertans  make use of their natural resources?

Students will know and be able to:
-identify possible sources of information e.g. wall map, text, posters, websites, ...
-choose appropriate  resources for research
-select pertinent information
-organize print and visual information, using computer technology, for class presentations on Alberta’s landscapes and resources
-carry out the geography/mapping skills from the programme of studies

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s)
You are a Conservation Officer  and you must present a slideshow to your fellow Albertans about one of the five landforms in Alberta.  You will be showing them where it is located, what natural resource(s) are in this region, which town or city might occupy it, and if there are any lakes and rivers passing through it.

Other Evidence (Quizzes, test, etc)
- rubric
- information hunt i.e. viewing the information on classmates slideshows in order to fill in a matrix of information on Alberta’s regions (one item per cell in the matrix e.g. one river, one animal, etc.)

Self Assessment
- individual reflection and project evaluation
- class summary of project evaluation

Stage 3 - Learning Plan

Teaching and Learning Activities
Class 1: Review login. Describe project. Show rubric. Drag Inspiration document (My Alberta Region) and complete as class brainstorm. Students select one Alberta region.  

**Brainstorm: Inspiration bubbles to complete: Location, resources and their uses, towns and/or cities, land forms, major rivers or lakes, flora and fauna, interesting facts.

Class 2-3-4: Complete research using Internet sites, Atlas and class resources.

Class 5: Drag Presentation template from exercise folder. Demonstrate how to open a text box and change font, size and style on Title page. Show how to add slides. Create more slides and type in title for each.

Class 6-7: Complete slideshow

Class 8-9: Demonstrate how to copy pictures from the Internet to the slides and how to create transitions between slides. Complete Presentation

Additional Teacher Resources
These are documents for teachers and/or students that were developed to support the project.  Documents will always be available in pdf format as well as in the original format created (e.g. MS Word, AppleWorks, Inspiration, etc)


Click to download Rubric

Student Exemplars

The following exemplars represent an excellent, adequate and limited student samples. Please click on the exemplar to download a copy.

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