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Learning with Technology Projects - Div III
Grade 7           Grade 8         Grade 9

Grade 7: Language Arts:
The Giver - Your task is two fold!  First you must create a web of your character.  Show two examples each of the character’s values, thoughts, feelings, actions and what the character says.  Once you have done this, branch off of each item and show what the effect of each action, thought, feeling or speak was.  Please be sure to include page number from each cause and each effect. The second part of the project is to create a multimedia project that shows your ideas about cause and effect.

Grade 7: Language Arts:
Natural Disasters - You are to choose a natural disaster and create a power point presentation. The following information will be researched on the Internet and detailed in your presentations;
1) Definition
2) Historical Accounts- give actual examples
3) Causes- What causes that natural disaster to happen?
4) Safety precautions

Grade 7: Language Arts:
Dream_Vacation_Postcard -1. You are going on a dream vacation. You are to research your destination (outside of Canada) using the internet, travel brochures, books, and encyclopedias. You will then write a short passage to a friend about your  travel destination. This writing will be the body of a post card you are creating.
2.  You will have to find an appropriate picture on the Internet to use on the front of your post card. You will take a digital picture of yourself and place yourself on your background picture.
3. You  will  address and stamp (find one on the Internet)  your postcard.

Grade 7: Math:
Moving Out - You are asked to leave your present home and you must set up your first apartment.  You have been given $5000 to spend on the furnishings.  You do not need to purchase a stove or fridge; those appliances will be supplied.  You will need to provide yourself with everything else you need to live.  (bed, couch, utensils, dishes, pots, drapes, small appliances, etc. etc. etc.)  You will provide all of your information on spreadsheets, and you will also draw graphs to  present your information.

Grade 7: Math:
Student CD Library- You have been chosen to act as the music director for your school’s new student radio station. Your main task will be to begin supply the station’s music library. Initially, the station requires you to choose 3 genres of music. Each genre requires 10 CDs to be purchased for a total of 30. You must be as economical as possible and have physical evidence of your prices. You need to keep track of sales and regular prices/or discount %.

Grade 7: Science:
The Earth's Crust - Use Hyperstudio to display one of the listed topics visually and in written form. For students who advance quickly, animation and audio may be added.

Grade 8: Language Arts: 4.1 Enhance and Improve and 4.3 Present and Share
Figurative Language in Poetry Through Lyrics - You will be given a poetic figurative language term to define and understand. You will research a song that exhibits and explains that term and its meaning.

Grade 8: Language Arts:
Lord of the Rings - Character Point of View - You are to write a postcard from the point of view of your favourite character to another character in the series. Please include a description of where you are, what the weather is like (Setting), a major detail of your adventure, and a word of encouragement or advice.

Grade 8: Language Arts:
A Character's Perspective: The Diary of Ann Frank - Students will brainstorm a variety of situation that occur throughout the book. Students must choose three situations and provide three different perspectives. One must be Anne Frank’s, the second must be another person from the Secret Annex and the third is one of their choice. They will jot down their information on template (on paper) to organize their thoughts. Students will go into Hyperstudio produce an Hyperstudio presentation.

Grade 8: Math:
Yard Project - You have been hired to design your dream home on a specified lot. How much sod must you purchase and what is the cost?

Grade 8: Science: Cells and Systems
Body Systems - You must prepare an oral presentation for your peers, supported by a Power Point presentation on a body system. You will have at least one visual representation of your system with answers to each of the questions included in your work description.

Grade 8:Science: Structures and Forces
Simple Machines - You will prepare a Power Point presentation with at least 5 visual representations (8 - 12 slides) of a simple machine addressing the following:
•Define your simple machine
•How do simple machines create a mechanical advantage (use formula)?
•Create a question involving mechanical advantage
•How are simple machines used in everyday life?

Grade 8:LA: Responding to Text
BookReportSlideshow - The local library wants to encourage young people to read more. They have asked each grade eight student to help them. You will demonstrate your understanding of what makes a good book (plot, theme, character and setting) by creating a slide show from a novel you enjoyed.

Grade 8:Social Studies: Topic C: South America: A Case Study of Brazil
Geographic Regions of Brazil -You are a journalist sent to a region in Brazil to state the facts and descriptions of what you have seen and learned about that region physically.

Grade 8:Social: Topic B: Upper and Lower Canada
UpperLowerCanada-iMovie-The students will be teaching their peers a specific part of the events in Upper and Lower Canada which contributed to the development of Canada as a nation in the form of an iMovie.

Grade 8:Social Studies:Topic C: South America: Brazil
Brazil_Brochure -You are part of a team working for National Geographic. Your team is preparing a documentary on Brazil. Your task is to research and bring a brochure to your group that outlines the physical geography of Brazil. Your work will be evaluated using the rubric provided.

Grade 8:Science: Body Systems Power Point
BodySystemsPowerPoint -The students will research and create a Power point presentation analyzing one human body system. They will present to their peers to help them understand that how the body system works.

Grade 8:Étude Sociales:Géographie du Canada et États-Unis
Destination-Tu dois créer une lettre circulaire qui représente sous forme de carte et tableau un voyage de deux villes de ton choix. Tu dois choisir une ville de chacune des régions étudiées. Tu dois aussi développer une annonce publicitaire d'une des villes choisies.

Grade 9:Math:
Similar Figures -Your job is to enter appropriate data in the spreadsheet and use it to compare several figures to figure out which ones are similar.

Grade 9:Social Studies: Topic B:
The Collapse of the USSR -Your school is planning a trip to study the fall of the Soviet Union.   In order to ensure the educational merit of the trip the school council is asking students to show evidence  of the sorts of things students will discover as they travel to the former USSR.  They have asked that a hyperstudio project showing evidence of the causes of change and the results of change be completed before the trip is approved.

Grade 9: English:
School Ties-A varied approach of media analysis.  The student will connect their understaning of the movie in a  power point slide presentation.  This presentation will incorporate as well as demonstrate their understanding of theory of literature (setting, conflict, theme).  Students will incorporate images and audio clips to produce the desired effect.