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Grade 7: Math: Creating A Student Radio CD Library

Instructional Design: Steve Jamieson

Stage 1 - Desired Results

Established Goals:
Specific Outcomes:
Calculating percentages, sales tax, discount, percent increase/decrease, estimation (before hand), prediction (predict for a 500$ CD library), graph, mean.

ICT Outcomes:
Below is a pdf file identifying all of the ICT outcomes touched on throughout this project. Click on the file to download it to your computer.

General Outcomes:
Measures of data distribution
Data  management, playing with numbers ...

Essential Questions:
How do we keep track of the money we spend?
Why is it important to shop before buying?

Students will know:
Understand percentages
What is a mean?
What is estimation?

Students will be able to:
Create database and manipulate data
Using spreadsheet, calculate and create graphs

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s)
You have been chosen to act as the music director for your school’s new student radio station. Your main task will be to begin supply the station’s music library. Initially, the station requires you to choose 3 genres of music. Each genre requires 10 CDs to be purchased for a total of 30. You must be as economical as possible and have physical evidence of your prices. You need to keep track of sales and regular prices/or discount %.

Other Evidence (Quizzes, test, etc)
Final product

Self Assessment

Stage 3 - Learning Plan

Teaching and Learning Activities
Student Radio library project-Math 7

        Lesson 1 in lab: Database basics, play with a new database
Create a simple database with appropritate fields
CD title
Music Genre Pop up menu
Sales Price
Regular Price
Purchase Place

        Lesson 2 in lab: Database: Continue working on template
Modify fields
Make template look good
Add color, lines, etc.
Start creating records

        Lesson 3 in lab: Finish entering data in records

        Lesson 4 in lab: Spreadsheet basics (Basic SSlesson 4 document)
Use template in Grab it and modify as directed.

        Lesson 5 in lab: Creat own spreadsheet and import database info.

        Lesson 6 in lab: Finish entering data-Make graphs

        Lesson 7 in lab: Calculate mean, tax, discount and % discount on all purchased CDs
If time permits, Calculate mean, median and mode for all class products.
Teacher could use student data to have students calculate gaps, range and cluster.

Additional Teacher Resources
These are documents for teachers and/or students that were developed to support the project.  Documents will always be available in pdf format as well as in the original format created (e.g. MS Word, AppleWorks, Inspiration, etc)


Click to download Rubric RubricCDLibrary.jpg


Student Exemplars

The following exemplars represent an excellent and limited student samples. Please click on the exemplar to download a copy.  NB - You will need AppleWorks 6 installed on your computer to view.

ExcellentDB.cwk    ExcellentSS.cwk              

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