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Learning with Technology Projects - Div IV
Grade 10          Grade 11      Grade 12

Grade 10: Social Studies 10:
Government -Students will create a newsletter which identifies current political leaders and explains their roles, list current seat distributions at the federal and provincial levels, and the roles of the Senate and Supreme Court.

Grade 10: Social Studies and English 10:
Canada_Case_History -There were two versions of this project done:
Version one: Students wrote their own poem, where they contemporized an original series of poems (“Canada: Case History”) written by Earle Birney between 1945 and 1985 and represented it through an iMovie. This version constituted an integration of Social and English 10.

Version two: Students analysed Birney's series of poem, chose one of the poems and represented it through an iMovie. This version did not constitute an integration of Social and English 10, but mostly attended to the Social 10 curriculum.

Grade 10: English 10:
To_Kill_A_Mockingbird -Students will create a multimedia presentation, using iMovie software. They will choose a passage of 40 lines from the novel on which to base media presentation. They will present the passage with attention to symbol, character, action, and theme. They must aim toward establishing organic unity in finished project .

Grade 11: Social Studies 20:
French Revolution Present -Students will choose an important figure from the French Revolution and outline how that person influenced one or more concepts involving the ideas of revolution, egalitarianism, individualism, and nationalism.  Students will use a multi-media presentation to highlight key events of that person related to the French Revolution.

Grade 11: English 20:
MacBeth_Interpretation- Students must use imagery and audio to represent the theme of a passage from MacBeth. They create an iMovie to portray their interpretation and will present their work through an oral presentation.

Grade 11: English 20:
Poetry_Interpretation - Students will select a poem of not less than fourteen lines and produce an “iMovie” that uses imagery and sound to convey its essential theme(s).  Students will work individually or in small groups to complete the finished product that is not more than two minutes in length.  The final presentation will include: an introduction; a screening of the “iMovie”; an explanation of the rationale supporting the choices students made to interpret the poem; a conclusion.

Grade 11: English 20:
PoetryiMovie -Students will illustrate their own poetic work. They will choose appropriate musical accompaniment to effectively portray mood. Students will use imovie to create their visual representation.

Grade 11: Français 20:
Poeme Francais iMovie- Les étudiants illustrent un poème qu'ils doivent créer. Ils utilisent des images et une musique instrumentale qui représente les sentiments du poème. Le programme de imovie sera utilisé pour ce projet.

Grade 12: Social Studies 30:
Economic Brochure - Students will create an effective brochure to advocate for either supply side or demand side philosophy of economics.

Grade 12: Social Studies 33:
Dictatorship Presentation- Students will choose visual examples of specific dicatorship techniques.  Each visual will be defined, identified, and explained as it relates to Nazi Germany.  Students will express ideas in a digital format using the computer, graphics, and audio-visuals.