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Grade 11 : Social 20: French Revolution Presentation

Instructional Design:
Rosie Kruhlak
Darcy Owen

Stage 1 - Desired Results

Established Goals:
Students will identify underlying values that help shaped ideas and influence events in the course of the French Revolution.
Students will identify key figures that helped shaped ideas and influence events in the course of the French Revolution.

ICT Outcomes:
Below is a pdf file identifying all of the ICT outcomes touched on throughout this project. Click on the file to download it to your computer.


Enduring Understandings:
Students will understand:
• that the emergence of new ideas and forces resulted in changes that occurred from the Ancien Regime to the Revolutionary period.
• that a new form of nationalism emerdged during the French Revolution period.

Essential Questions:
• What new ideas and forces emerged leading up to, and during the French Revolution?
• How did the person studied contribute to the new intellectual, political, economic or social ideas and forces that inspired the French Revolution?
• How did the French Revolution result in a new form of nationalism?

Students will know and be able to:
• Students will be able to know and identify the concepts of revolution, egalitarianism, individualism, and nationalism.

• Students will recognize the ideological changes advanced by important figures of the French Revolution.

• Students will synthesize and explain how changes advanced by important figures represent the concepts of revolution, egalitarianism, individualism, and nationalism.

Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence

Performance Task(s)
Students will choose an important figure from the French Revolution and outline how that person influenced one or more concepts involving the ideas of revolution, egalitarianism, individualism, and nationalism.  Students will use a multi-media presentation to highlight key events of that person related to the French Revolution.

Other Evidence (Quizzes, test, etc)
Quizzes, tests, teacher observation and presentation rubric.

Self Assessment
Oral discussion, self-reflection, peer evaluation

Stage 3 - Learning Plan

Teaching and Learning Activities

1)  Introduction to the periods of the Enlightenment, the Ancient Regime, and the French Revolution.

This will be achieved by:
a)  lecture on the contributions of the philosophies and other Enlightenment thinkers
b)  main characteristics of the Ancient Regime
c)  key events of the French Revolution
d)  students will complete accompanying work sheets, view overheads, and view a film on the French Revolution. TASKS
a)  Students will read Chapters 1-3 in Century of Change.
b)  complete a chart of Enlightenment thinkers and their contributions
c)  complete chapter questions from Century of Change #1-3

a)  include a picture of revolutionary figure
b)  list key events in person’s life as relates to the Revolution
c)  provide and explanation of how the person influenced key ideas and/or forces that led to change

a)  students will be instructed on how to use the multimedia (slide show)  technology to put their project in presentation format     
b)  one class  will be devoted to explanation of the project and a maximum of two more class days to access and complete the project (class time 86 min. block)      
c)  teacher evaluates work and assigns a mark for each project according to a four point rubric

a) Show Presentation Sample and discuss what a good multimedia project looks like.
b) Pass out Presentation Tips.

c) Demonstrate how to create background. Students create background.
d) Demonstrate how to create slides: tool bar, text box, insert pictures, add/delete slides, play mode, transitions

Additional Teacher Resources
These are documents for teachers and/or students that were developed to support the project.  Documents will always be available in pdf format as well as in the original format created (e.g. MS Word, AppleWorks, Inspiration, etc)


Click to download Rubric

Student Exemplars

The following exemplars represent an excellent, adequate and limited student samples. Please click on the exemplar to download a copy.  NB - You will need Applework 6.x installed on your computer to view.

        SS20_high.cwk        SS20_med.cwk        SS20_weak.cwk

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