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Video Conferencing Sites And Directories

Center For Interactive Learning And Collaboration
One of the most recognized sites for eductators searching for projects.

NASA Digital Learning Network
Learners at all levels have the opportunity to interact directly with NASA scientists to gain a new appreciation for the importance of science and education.

Knowledge Network Explorer
AT & T's website for educators.  Great place to search for resources.

GlobalSchool Net
Provides listing of projects from across the globe.

NoodleTrip is an online directory focusing on video conferencing field trips, tours, and distance learning courses. This search directory allows a free search for specific trips. Our listing of providers will range from Zoo's, Museums, NASA, Factory Tours, and distant learning courses.

Videoconferencing Content Providers List From Polycom
Acrobat file includes a list for educational content providers compiled by Polycom.

St. Joseph's UniversityInternational Videoconferencing List
International listing of various educational institutions organized by country.

LITE: Linking International Trade Education
Increasing global awareness and enhancing student knowledge of the global economy.

Distance Education Clearinghouse K-12
Distance Education Clearing House compiled by the University of Wisconsin

The Northwest Education Technology Consortium (NETC) developed this site to provide you with the information you need about using videoconferencing technology for instruction, communication, and collaboration.
Educational Enterprise Zone, NY Mostly New York content providers listed.
Global Leap International videoconferencing events and directory.
K-12 Videoconferencing information resources for practitioners of interactive videoconferencing (IVC) in K-12 settings. Especially check out the video clips under Symposion Presentations.
Nassau BOCES, NY Includes a content provider directory and more.
New Links to New Learning Cooperating School Districts, MO Content providers, original content, information on getting started and more.
SBC's Videoconferencing for Learning Applications in the classroom, collaboration information, directories of sites, and more.
SWING Network, WI Includes a QuickTime sample with video clips of content.
ViDe Videoconferencing Cookbook A wealth of great information. New K-12 section added Feb. 2004
Videoconference Toolkit [PDF] Getting started with videoconferencing in your district.
The Videoconference Zone (scroll down for the Videoconference Zone link) Videoconferencing is becoming more common for both Educators and people in Business. Learn about some common videoconferencing pit falls and how to avoid them. Recommended for anyone asked to be in a videoconference.
VC Alberta A great resource with resources in many categories. New!

Global Nomads

VideoConferencing Directory

Galileo Project


K-12 Videoconferencing Listserve

Videoconferencing Out On The Lim